I felt okay about missing the Clinton-Obama debate in Texas last night because I saw that it was going to be re-aired today at noon. But the rebroadcast was chopped up more clumsily than Tara Reid's boob job. They'd go to a commercial as Clinton was opening her mouth to speak, then return in the middle of a lengthy Obama missive. I'm left not only wondering what I missed, but also guessing the agenda of whomever so poorly edited this thing.

How 'bout we don't edit presidential debates, eh? Can't afford to air it without the Ped Egg ads? Then don't air it. Or skip the bullshitty opening pomp and cut right to the meat. This stuff is kind of important.

But I'm sure glad time was again made for the celebrity-in-the-audience cutaways. Yup. I'm gonna vote for the candidate who earns the deepest nods from the earnestly necktied George Lopez.

CNN, you suck. And stop pretending you don't wanna be American Idol.

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