Spring Cupcakes Have Sprung

...at Crumbs on 8th Street. The vanilla one with orange (colored) frosting was less than wonderful. The cake was a bit too soft and fine and Betty Crockery, and the frosting too cloying. Perhaps because of the pink jimmies sprinkled atop. But would it have caught my eye without the pink jimmies? No. Just like those glossy-haired but disappointingly vapid women. Often it's the very thing that makes one pretty that also makes them stupid. And sometimes vice versa.

But the less attractive chocolate mini w/raspberry frosting? Bold and complex. Totally kicked ass. Despite having been smooshed when it broke my fall onto a bus handrail.

Next time I'm gonna try the one with white frosting and what looks like a blood smear on top. That way if I fall on it, it'll look... appropriate.

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